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Okami sale

Hi! I've got a Japan promo stylus for sale.

Take a look and post a message there if you'd like anything. :)


A new item in the CAPCOM store

Within the past couple weeks a CAPCOM employee posted an image of the Okami hoodie along with a youtube video.

That hoodie is now available to buy.


e-Capcom Chibiterasu plush for sale

I have this Chibiterasu plushie for sale in a really great condition :) the plush was only used for display only, it was never played with. The plush does have a little spot of dirt on one of his wing that can probably be remove easily.
I ship to Canada and United States only.
I am asking $450 shipping and tracking number included.

Plush collection26

Okami Icons

Various Okami icons!

Amaterasu (x23)
Shiranui (x10)
Chibiterasu (x01)
Ishaku (x07)
Ninetails (x01)
Tobi (x01)
Waka (x01)
Yami (x03)


HERE on iconmaniac on DreamWidth.
Because I am very low on funds and need money for bills before I get overcharged again in 2 days, I've decided to sell some of my more treasured doujinshi.

Please only comment if you are honestly interested and only pm me if you can pay right away. I have to restructure how I run sales from now on since many bad buyers have abused the system otherwise :(

Samples upon request.

I may add a discount if you buy in bulk.

Inuyasha doujinshi (can't read the name)
artwork is just like Takahashi-sensei's (fairly rare), gag (some InuKago)

~Promised Forest~
Link x Saria, nice artwork, some guest artists

Ookami doujinshi 'armu'
Waka + Amaterasu + Issun, beautiful artwork, EXTREMELY RARE

Ookami doujinshi 'SEN-JIN'
Waka + 3 monkey gods + Amaterasu, beautiful artwork, EXTREMELY RARE

BEST OFFERS ON ALL MY DOUJINSHI in my LJ ENTRY's SALES PAGE HERE. Really, I am absolutely desperate to sell for my upcoming tuition fees + books + bills + funds for computer repairs...the essentials for an ailing college student.
Never been used, bought as a gift, want it out ASAP!!! $25

WTB -Okami!

Want to buy Okami items for my boyfriend - especially looking for the Japanese storybooks...they are 800 Yen on Amazon Japan but shipping is a killer!
{o9} MISC

See the rest HERE at narben!