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e-Capcom Chibiterasu plush for sale

I have this Chibiterasu plushie for sale in a really great condition :) the plush was only used for display only, it was never played with. The plush does have a little spot of dirt on one of his wing that can probably be remove easily.
I ship to Canada and United States only.
I am asking $450 shipping and tracking number included.

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SELLING 2 Okami doujinshi + 1 LOZ doujinshi! Please help me pay my bills

Because I am very low on funds and need money for bills before I get overcharged again in 2 days, I've decided to sell some of my more treasured doujinshi.

Please only comment if you are honestly interested and only pm me if you can pay right away. I have to restructure how I run sales from now on since many bad buyers have abused the system otherwise :(

Samples upon request.

I may add a discount if you buy in bulk.

Inuyasha doujinshi (can't read the name)
artwork is just like Takahashi-sensei's (fairly rare), gag (some InuKago)

~Promised Forest~
Link x Saria, nice artwork, some guest artists

Ookami doujinshi 'armu'
Waka + Amaterasu + Issun, beautiful artwork, EXTREMELY RARE

Ookami doujinshi 'SEN-JIN'
Waka + 3 monkey gods + Amaterasu, beautiful artwork, EXTREMELY RARE

BEST OFFERS ON ALL MY DOUJINSHI in my LJ ENTRY's SALES PAGE HERE. Really, I am absolutely desperate to sell for my upcoming tuition fees + books + bills + funds for computer repairs...the essentials for an ailing college student.
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WTB -Okami!

Want to buy Okami items for my boyfriend - especially looking for the Japanese storybooks...they are 800 Yen on Amazon Japan but shipping is a killer!