☂ Internet trickster (rainmage) wrote in okamigame,
☂ Internet trickster

Official Flash animations

Did you know that when you visit the official Japanese site there are several interesting things to watch or download? Most of you probably do, yeah. There's also an section (inside the circle, the third button from left to right) with cute/cracky animations made with Flash by the Clover people, ages ago.

Well, I tweaked around my way and was able to download all of those animations. So here they are for grabs, in swf format :D

Download swf

How to open them? There are special Flash file players, but you can open them with pretty much any Internet browser (if you have the Flash plugin installed, of course).

I tried to convert them to easier formats, but most swf to video free programs suck or put huge watermarks. I was able, however, to convert them to .exe so you wouldn't need to worry about software. Also, you can pause some of them (not all, though D:) which is awesome for screencapping. Of course, this alternative is larger in file size.

Download exe


Also, I feel really shy to ask this, but I'd love to discuss the plot or the characters with people, but I'm only friends with a couple of persons into it. If I were to make, say, a weekly post for discussions about Okami, would you guys be interested in participating?
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